Hunt County's Largest Baby Shower in History!

At Raffa, we encourage young women to choose LIFE and teach them about God’s unconditional love and grace. We want the church to be the first place a young woman runs to instead of the last because of shame and guilt.

On Saturday, April 8th we will be honoring 8 young women who bravely chose life and blessing their babies with tons of brand new baby items these young moms will need. We want to invite you to join families from across Hunt County to shower and love on these young moms and babies!

Would you be interested in partnering with us by supporting a young mom at the shower and purchasing items from her gift list yourself or finding friends/coworkers/ bible study group to help you?

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"Embrace Grace is a program designed to minister to our single and pregnant women in Hunt County through the love of Jesus and the local church. To see a young mom feel loved, not judged, and embrace the truth of Christ is why Raffa exists!"

- Threesa Sadler, Raffa Executive Director

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