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A message from Threesa Re: Leaked Draft Opinion of SCOTUS

And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. ~Micah 6:8

Last night the news outlet POLITICO, leaked a draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito discussing the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization ruling. For many of us this is the case we are waiting on to see if Roe v. Wade will be overturned in our country.

This morning the Supreme Court released a statement stating that the document is real but cautioned that it is only a preliminary opinion. I have been receiving calls and emails from many of you and in our community asking "What does this mean?" so I decided to shoot you a quick email with my thoughts.

I believe this is a GOOD SIGN that the court is leaning to end abortion rights from a national level. I pray this is true. I believe this opinion shows that the 49 years of pro-life work since Roe v. Wade was decided is finally making a national impact. This would mean that those seated in our highest court are seeing the truth of the sanctity of life and protecting it. This also means that if the opinion of the court should finally end Roe v. Wade then the abortion laws will revert back to the states. For us in Texas that would mean that 30 days after the official Supreme Court ruling then abortion in Texas would be COMPLETELY ILLEGAL. It would be a felony in Texas to perform an abortion. While this is a huge victory for life, in many ways, our work is just beginning...

I anticipate a huge increase of women in unplanned pregnancies seeing our free services. These women have been exploited by the mainstream media and are looking for help. We are ready for them! Here is what we are doing to be ready:

Pray that this leak is indicative of the final decision of the court. Pray for protection for all of us on the front lines of the pro-life work. There have already been talks of threats and picketing from the pro-choice groups. There is a campaign going on in Texas right now to put a representee of the Satanic Temple outside of every pregnancy center (including Raffa Clinic) to intercept women before they enter our doors and try to convince them to not come to us. Pray for the hearts of those women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancy situations.

We are already growing because of the changes from the Texas Heartbeat Law and we are working now to make additional changes to staff and our facilities to accommodate serving even more women in families in need after the Supreme Court's final decision.

I am asking you to help us provide. Our costs and materials are increasing daily. We have provided 1,405 appointments since January 1st. To compare, we provided 1,985 for the entire year in 2018! We are bursting at the seams with the added demand for services and we need your help to help them. A financial gift from you today will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for helping us in our mission to rescue lives & rebuild families.

Threesa Sadler
Executive Director

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About The Author

Threesa Sadler is the Executive Director of Raffa. She has served in pro-life work since 1999 and with Raffa since joining as a volunteer in 2002 and then going on to serve as Executive Director since 2012. She is passionate about rescuing lives and rebuilding families and strives to increase Raffa's impact in the community. Threesa also works on a state and national level to equip other non-profits and pro-life organizations. She is married and has four children and lives in Hunt County.